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Sarah Dale

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Video and Photgraphy

Sarah Dale's Content

30-Something Wife / Mom

From an unboxing to tutorials, Sarah Dale can make a fun (or serious) video for your brand to use on social media. She 's been in marketing for over a decade and was a theater nerd and pageant girl in high school, so she's not afraid of the camera. She also has over 40,000 followers on TikTok if you're interested in reaching customers using her platform.





60-Second Unboxing/Demo

Big Ass Candles





Justin's Content

30-Something Husband / Father

FWhen Justin's not filming content for brands, he's the Vice President of a Credit Union, believe it or not. If you're looking for a handsome, professional, well-spoken male to present your product - he's your guy!


30-second Humor


30-second creative

Couples Choice

15-second Ad


30-second Showcase

Couples Content

We've Been Married Over A Decade

We love filming together! Whether you're looking for a gifting video or a just a couple in love to showcase your product - we've got you!

Wurkin Stiffs

30-Second Gifting


Valentine's Day

Couples Choice

15-second Ad

Car Insurance Platform

Scripted Skit

Family Content

We Have Four Kids

And they love to film with us - mainly for the swag! They are adorable and love to film with us. We've done everything from viatmin content to clothing to toys to bedroom furniture. Our children range from 8 years old to 5 years old. If you'd like to see some of the content we've filmed with them, shoot us an email and we will gladly send you a few examples!



We Have Dogs and Rabbits

We are definitely animal people! We have a Great Dane, TWO Shar-Peis and a lab mix! As if that were not already borderline animal hoarding, we also have two white Angora rabbits. We don't have a cat, but we have a friend that does that always allows us to film with her furry friend in exchange for the pet swag we leave behind!

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